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BIP powerpoint presentation



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After looking through several of my anecdotal notes, I am realizing that I do not have that many. I believe this has a lot to do with the fact that my situation is completely and the make-up of my EC cluster. If I was not teaching, I was dealing with one of the many meltdowns that could have been taking place at that given time. Sometimes these meltdowns from other children required teachers including myself to conference with administration personnel. Sometimes this would happen for several hours and so I tried my hardest to take notes, but it was more of the mental observations as well as in the form on photographs. I was able to almost focus on the group of EC children as well as the individual. This provided me with the unique opportunity to observer several EC children, and not just one. My BIP child has had a major change in one of his behavior intervention plans which I believe has helped tremendously. He was doing very well for part of the second quarter into the beginning of the third quarter, and now he is taking a step backwards. I think that this has a lot to do with the new material that is being taught. He was doing pretty well during the second quarter in math and writing, however the topics began to change and my class transitioned into new topics. These new topics are bringing his self confidence down a bit. For example, we moved from fractions, geometry, and probability directly to number sense.

I don’t think he understands that he is not the only student having a difficult time with the new math topics because the children have not really seen two digit numbers since the second quarter. It is asking a lot of them to not really do this for about two months, and then to expect them to jump right into working with three digit numbers and be able to regroup as well. Overall, his behavior began to spiral down again because he is not as confident and becomes easily frustrated during these blocks of the day.  I have been watching this more closely as the semester is coming to a quick end. I find it interesting that something as simple as self-confidence has such an impact on this child, and his overall impact on learning. I think finding new behavior intervention plans is a constant struggle with this child, and simply adjusting and finding one that works is a good strategy for him. I feel like once he gets used to something, and understands what is expected of him we have to adjust something! I wish I was able to be here for the rest of the semester to really see the progression.

To me it is frustrating to watch him while he is not controlling himself because he is such a smart child and is capable of meeting expectations in second grade. If he continues to try has hard as he can he will reach his full potential and be able to accomplish great things. I hope after I leave he will continue to be a friendly child and reach his goals.

EDUC 517 Reading Response

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After reading the article “Intervention in School and Clinic” I feel that I have a larger perspective on what rules work and what rules may not work as well in a classroom.  I think that all classroom teachers need to establish classroom rules in order to have an effective learning-based classroom. I would do this the very first day of school by allowing the students to actually create some of their own rules.  I think that it is very important to include verbal and nonverbal praise to students because a balance must be present. I believe that students need to have established rules that are predictable and fair for everyone, or else it will not work. Rules also need to be appropriate for the grade-level one is teaching otherwise they will not be able to follow them fairly.  If teachers do not fairly enforce rules then they should not be in place as a policy for the students to follow. As long as the teachers are able to enforce their created classroom management things should be effective.  There are several examples of classroom praise that are proven to be more effective than other examples. An example I use in my classroom is, “thank you So-and-so” this seems to be very effective and when the students hear the teacher calling out their name for something positive they are going to try and follow the rules because they want to be praised. There are several instances in my EC cluster where I chose to ignore students on purpose. This happens when a student who has an intervention is acting up during class and we chose to prevent a meltdown. In the end I will choose to have a minimal number of rules because it will be easier to keep track of and easier to enforce once I start teaching.  I think if children are aware, know, and understand the classroom rules they will hopefully have a better chance of following the rules. I am just excited to get my own classroom and start making rules because the ones that my classroom uses now seem to really work well! I plan to enforce many of the same rules in mys own classroom.

March 22nd BIP update…

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My case study child has come such a far way since August and I am so proud of him. However, his behavior is still a major problem. He does not act like the typical second grade as far as behavior is concerned. He is still working really hard in reaching his goals each day of going home one green-which is incorporated through our PBS system in the classroom.

I have noticed so many different things that have caught my attention over the past few months. My case study child is so off and on with behavior that it makes things difficult to know when he is doing well and when he is not. Right when I believe he is improving his behavior, he’ll have a major melt down, over nothing at all.  I find it interesting that he takes everything I say to heart. I will make a reminder TO THE WHOLE CLASS and my student will automatically shut down and think it is being directed at him, which is usually not even the case. He has started this new thing where he flips his own cards, and turns his own color to yellow or red without being asked. Then he will pout and cry or sit under a desk.  It is interesting because this does not always happen, and I am still working to figure out ways so this does not happen. He is a very smart child and everyone on our team is trying to find new ways for him to succeed even when he may become frustrated.  I have had a hard time tracking behavior of this child because it is so random and he really does not follow the same patterns as he was. He used to suck his thumb and slouch his shoulders a lot more than he is currently doing which is fine, however it is not that he doesn’t do these things anymore, it is that he does them more sporadically now. That is my update and this project has been very hard to conduct because he has his own behavior plans that are so different from what I was going to try and do, and so implementing more than one is just almost impossible and would be confusing and unfair to my case study child, but I am making the best of what I am able to work with! I am thankful for such a supportive staff of special educators at my school though! They are all amazing and work so well with my PLC that I don’t know what I would do without their constant advice and genuine support.

517-Behavior Challenges

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Honestly, the reading that was assigned for this month in 517 has been more interesting than I thought it was going to be.  Once I started to read, I found myself liking the article more and more.   I find myself dealing with a lot of behavior management tasks during my Student-Teaching placement, and I think that is a good thing.  I honestly think I am going to be more than prepared to deal with multiple issues within a classroom, vs. someone who has never had to experience this as a teacher.  not saying that it is good or bad that I have this, but I am glad that the opportunity has been present while under the supervision of certified teacher. She has been able to teach me a lot of  ways to try and help these students, and as a team we keep trying to come up with new ways to fix the current problems.We are always trying to come up with new solutions and as it is common to have a discussion about that student as an individual.  Often times in a discussion, their personal backgrounds and past history in and outside of school may surface.  I feel that can really help us try and dig deeper to try and solve a problem that exists.  Clearly that alone, is not enough, and so having all this background information helps!  This article mentioned something about observable behavior. I feel that this is something that teachers must have on hand when discussing a child. What did you observe that is unique to this child? Overall, this article made me think a lot about my placement and what we do at my school for struggling students and it was quite similar.  For various children  who have behavior problem, they are allowed to have different items to help keep them calm, which in turn is supposed to help eliminate stress and help them pay attention. This is not always the case, but it works a lot of the time. For example, a few of our children have weight vests they can wear, or they have stress balls, wiggly seats, a lot of sensory things. I really think this was an awesome article and would honestly recommend it to any first year teacher who may be struggling with behavior challenges during their first years or any year teaching! 🙂

Week of March 1 in 2nd grade

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This week was super busy for me in 2nd grade!  I have had the chance to really being taking in all that I can from the

full time teaching aspect of student-teaching.  I have realized that it really is hard to have the students see you as the teacher.

I think transitions at this age are extremely difficult.  I also feel like right with things will have the chance to settle down for

the students, my teacher will be taking back over, so yet another transition. I almost feel kind of bad because I know it is not easy

to get used to new things in their classroom. I think that the majority of the kids are doing well with it though.  The past two weeks have been really

fun.  I really like the full time teaching it is so different! I am also done teaching Science because I taught the whole kit and that was about a month long,

so that will be weird not teaching science, but I am looking forward to begin my unit.   Needless to say, every minute has been so much fun, even the not

so wonderful times!

Case Study-Behavior notes 1

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So this week I have focused on gathering as much information as I can on my child. I have been primarily using the frequency observation form and I have also been taking frequent anecdotal notes.  I have noticed a lot of patterns that seem to be present when looking at behavior patterns and times of the day.  My focus child seems to be totally random as far as when he acts out. We have been trying to figure out why and when he acts out but it is never consistent so we are still watching carefully as the year progresses.  Something that I have noticed is that the student I am observing has really improved since the begging of the year, at least I think he has.  I feel that he is having a lot less melt downs, and he is really able to focus on tasks that need to be done more than he was in September.  I have also learned that my student goes home every day with his grandmother and she is very involved in his academic life.  Grandma usually helps with homework and many other school related tasks.  My focus child now also will be seeing a tutor to help him with school.

I just believe that the more people who will help, the better.  The improvements are very clear to me. During class, the types of behaviors that I am seeing usually result when he thinks he is not doing something good enough.  His self-confidence levels are clearly an issue and I think that is playing a major role in the overall impact of his behavior in and outside of the classroom. Usually when my focus child comes back from lunch and recesses this is a time where I struggle to help him.  He is very hard to get through to when he shuts down and says he can’t do something.  We have been working really hard, and this time of the day has gotten a lot better. Recently, writing has been a time of difficulty and not so much after lunch and recess.  It is just really interesting the time of day or what we are learning can impact a child’s behavior so much in the classroom.  I hope to be able to take a closer look at the notes I have been taking and I am hoping to make sense of this information and be able to help him more and more as time passes.

EDUC 519-Week of 2-7-10-2-12-10

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This week was really fun in 2nd grade.  I like evreyone else am teaching more and more as the weeks arrive.  I was teaching Math again this week seeing how I picked that up the first week, and I added a reading group this week.  Both I had a great time teaching!  I gave my first math assessment this Friday because it was the end of the Unit, so weird! And it was crazy!  The kids actually did really well, for the most part so that made me happy! The reading groups were interesting because I have a very very very challenging group this week.  I had already done a full week of reading groups with them to kind of prep them when I first came back in January, but then I stopped and then it was like back to square one.  I don’t know, the kids were fine most of the days but 3 out of the 6 kids in my group have SEVERE learning challenges, and BEHAVIOR INTERVENTION plans set in place.

That made it almost nearly impossible to get through any lesson without having an at least one  issue any day.  Then, of course on Friday during my observation of this reading group with Jennifer every possible behavior problem thta could possibly go wrong, DID!  It was insane, meanwhile….our SmartBoard blew up in the background, made a huge pop, then began to smell like a fire.  Then one child thought it would be okay to just leave reading group, while another was not sitting properly or reading during my lesson.  Another child thought it would be okay to skip chapters in his book, and then go back.  Another child thought that a question about Valentine’s day candies was more important so he got up and was asking our TA questions about that.  Then, when I tried to help another child by writing the directions in his journal when it came time for the reading activity-he made it very clear he did not want my help.  This was  a strategy that I discussed with several teachers and him, and he refused to let me write it.  I gave him a chance and then he went back to work and had nothing written after about 5 minutes. Luckily when I went to check on him I asked to see his journal becasue I told him I was going to write the directions, he almost melted down and responded with, “BUT YOUR DIRECTIONS WERE NOT CLEAR”. They were verrrrrrrrrrry clear.  So the OT teacher told him he needs to let me write in his journal.  To say the least, it was the craziest guided reading lesson I have ever had to deal with. Overall my objectives were met, but with many many distractinos. But…now Jennifer has seen what I get to do each day!! 🙂 ha ha (but she already knew that)…Also, it was good for some of the other Support teachers to see the way he was acting because some of them had not seen how directly defiant he has been.

Math went really well this week- and most of the guided reading lessons were fine the other days..jut Friday..WOW! (but…it also was the Valentine’s Day things, and Jump Rope for heart, so may of them were excited and just did not want to be doing school work!) ha ha..hey, at least most of them did really well on the math assessment:) Next week should be interesting!

Basically I try my very hardest to get through each day just modeling EXACTLY how my teacher has treated and worked with these challenging students because I have no other experience dealing with students like this, and so far it seems to be working really well.  It is just really overwhelming because I feel like I am being mean, even though I know I am not, and things that are said and done are just NEEDED when it comes down to it.  We give them choices and if they choose not to follow them, there are consequences.

EDUC 517-Chapter 7

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I didn’t really like chapter 7 in the Salend text at all.  I feel like this chapter kept giving examples of challenging behavior and it never seemed to explain what to do.  Luckily I am in a classroom where I have to deal with challenging behavior coming from more than half of my class in some shape or form.  If it were for my experiences in the classroom seeting I am currently in for student-teaching, I would never even begin to know where to start if I had challenging behaviors.  I think that it would have been super beneficial to put more practice into this text.  I don’t want to sit and read about something that I will be encountering in my classroom and then not really be told what to do about it. (sorry if that sounds mean, it is just how I feel.)  I honestly feel like I wasted time reading this.  I mean don’t get me wrong, the stories were great, but WHAT DO WE DO……?

So in my classroom  now with the challenging behavior we have so many students who have their own intervention behavior plans becasue the regular classroom management upsets them, and then they end up acting out even more.  I am blessed because I am learning how to handle a classroom when you can have multiple outburst occurring at the same time.  What my CT and I have done is we contacted and communicated with our support teachers and administrators and put specific action plans together for each child who needed one. Typically these are in place becasue the regular classroom management system is not enough to keep them safe, or others safe.  So I would like to have read more about, “what if those strategies do not work, then what?”  Luckily for me they have been working, but that does not mean they always will.

I don’t know..I just really hope the next reading is more informative.I am learning way more by being in a classroom where these behavior crisis’ happen on a daily basis-sometimes more than one at a time and I learn by watching what my teacher has done, and what I have been directed to do by the administrative teams. To me, that is more time worthy. However, not everyone in EDUC 517 are going to have classrooms that are like this, therefore not everyone is going to have the opportunity to learn what to do, which is why a book with more examples of what to do would be more realistic.


EDUC 519-The week of February 1-5 in 2nd Grade!! :)

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As we all know this week was really short.  Monday was a whole day off for everyone at my school, teachers included.

I tried to use that day to get ahead with planning, that did not go as well as I hoped. Even though my kids had Tuesday off, I was

still at my school, planning with my CT. It was so helpful!  We literally sat in our classroom for a few hours and she mapped out on my calendar exactly when and what we are teaching until I graduate ..basically. I don’t understand how she had time to do that but I am soooooooo thankful that she found the time.  After I was able to see everything on my calendar, and then on her calendar, it automatically made me feel a little bit better.  I don’t know why, but it did.  Then..we planned for stuff for the rest of the week.  I started taking over Math which was really funny because the kids did not understand at first.

I had responses such as, “So like are you our new Math teacher Ms. Travis?”, or  “Are you teaching Math forever!!?”, or…”But why are you just teaching Math Ms. Travis, I don’t get it?”…or, “WOW Ms. Travis must know a lot about fractions if she is going to be teaching instead of Ms. Hammond.” ! Haha the responses were really funny, and then I had to explain why I was teaching Math, and that I will slowly be teaching more and more things and that Mrs. Hammond will still be in our classroom..!  It was just really cute to say the least.  Anyways, I was able to teach the first 3 lessons last week because we had school W, Th, and Friday.  It was neat!  I really liked it, a lot!  I do not like teaching the topic openers because our program requires a lot of things that must be taught on that first day.  I just feel like there is so much and not enough time on each activity. Anyways, that’s just how I feel.  I am working to see what I can or cannot do differently for the topic opener of our measurement unit that will be coming up next.  Next week will be very busy because I have reading groups and Math! But I am looking forward to that!

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